Victory Mindset

Victory Mindset

Hi Friends, I know you are doing excellent, Lets add more of excellence to your life today by understanding `more on victory mindset

Victory…As name indicates in Hindi its clear translation is Vijay.

There is a proverb All battles are fought only for victory.

(युद्ध का सिर्फ एक ही नियम होता है…विजय).

But not to forget victory always depends on our Karma(actions)

So lets understand karma first…

Karma is of three types:

  1. One that you do by your hands and legs. Physical Karma…Weightage 1%
  2. Two That you do by your speech(bolna)….weightage 1%
  3. Third…one you do by thinking(sochna)….Weightage 98%
  4. Have a thought of a person who does not think well?, can he Speak well ? And the person who does not speak well, will his action shall be proper?. Answer is big NO

    So a person who Thinks well…speaks well…Acts well.

    So the Entire game is in Right Thinking and Thinking happens in your own MIND.

    So it is rightly said Battle are first fought and won in Mind and then they are won on battlefield.( मन के जीते जीत हैं, मन के हारे हार)

    Also dear friends, Look at your own body in mirror

    So if you consider your body as victory Mindset, then it has two legs,Right,can you guess what this two legs indicates

    • Well,The first leg is Courage….yes friends without courage everything balls down to zero. You can have all Knowledge,Resources,Money,logistics but no courage then nothing will help you and it goes to zero
    • Very well,Now the second leg…The Truth….yes friend truth is the second leg for being victorious.People nowdays realise the truth and persue the truth.Anyone/organisation/state/country trying to hide truth can do so for a little span for his own benefit but finally truth always surfaces and the bubble bursts.

Truth is like the sun,however the dark it may be,sun rises to shine and darkness is off.

As you persue Truth and Courage as your 2 legs you will always emerge victorious, isn’t it?

Think Rationally and apply the principles of Victory Mindset to all your llife situation.As you analyse you will find it holds good to all Your Health,wealth,relationships,Emotional well being and spirituality.

And vice versa if you are not pursuing courage/truth that means you are cutting your own legs

So choose wisely and welcome victory in your life